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Welcome to Dennis Lee Productions! Dennis Lee is an award winning ventriloquist, who has been entertaining people for over 43 years. He specializes in shows geared towards families and young children. From an early age he was interested in bringing characters to life in ways that are both funny and entertaining. In 1986 he won the international ventriloquist competition, and from there his career really took off. Since then he has produced 56 DVD’s and now conducts 450 shows a year.

Dennis Lee Productions has a brand new show for 2018-2019, entitled “The Great Jungle Jam”. With a few new characters like a Giraffe and a six foot tall Ostrich, all new sets and original music, this years show is a timely creation from the heart and mind of Dennis Lee. In our ever-changing world, the phrase: “It’s a jungle out there” has never been more true. Our safari guide will take your students and staff on an epic, fun-filled, sight-seeing adventure where together, they find themselves tuning up their character for an epic “Jungle Jam”. This “Jungle Jam” session showcases the importance of being “in tune” in our attitudes as opposed to being “flat” or “sharp” in the way we think, speak and act in our relationships with the world around us each and every day! You and your students will not want to miss Nana Puddin’, his big brother Nick, a new six foot tall Opera-singing Ostrich named Ophelia, a twelve foot tall Giraffe named Too Tall Jamal, and a few more jungle surprises that will leave you roaring like a lion, laughing like a hyena, and, as happy as a hippo. So, pack up your tent, grab your back-pack and come along with us on this wild wacky wonderful, jungle expedition.

“Performing shows for children for over 43 years.”

36 years – 450 shows a year

Written, produced and performed 36 episodes for The Family Network

Written over 300 original songs/lyrics

Produced over 13 CD’s

Written and Produced upwards of 56 DVD’s

Fresh, timely, love-centered

Authored and illustrated 5 children’s books

Award Winning Ventriloquist
Dennis entertains for a wide variety of clients, including Businesses, Schools and Churches. If you or someone you know about is interested in having Dennis entertain for you, please call him at 214-443 0396. We have a busy schedule but if we know a few weeks in a advance, we would be happy to have Dennis entertain for your event.


“It’s a brand new day at Dennis Lee Productions”

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